Google Niantic Labs frequently holds so called “Anomaly” events for its ever-growing Ingress community. Buff PR was hired to raise mass awareness across the Netherlands for the Utrecht Persepolis Event that was held in June 2015. The 2-day Persepolis event was a massive success, with over 4000 people attending. The event was widely covered by the Dutch media. Later in Juli 2016, Niantic (now an independent company) hired Buff PR again for the massively successful Aegis Nova event.  Buff PR managed to surpass its original public relations results and secured coverage with major National and Regional newspapers, wide range of specialist interest press, and influencers.

Niantic Labs is a startup within Google dedicated to creating mobile apps that connect people with the real world. Founded by John Hanke, who previously helmed the Google Geo team (including Maps and Earth), Niantic is focused on creating applications that inspire real world adventure, exploration, and social interaction. Niantic Labs has launched two products, Field Trip and Ingress, and is currently developing its next interactive entertainment experience, Endgame.

Ingress represents a unique, pioneering entertainment experience known as ‘Real World Games’, an all-new style of game featuring innovative massive multiplayer mobile gameplay which transforms neighborhoods and cities around the world into an interactive experience filled with mystery, intrigue, and adventure. Using Google Maps technology, players move through and explore the world around them, visiting historical sites, parks, and public artworks to discover hidden ‘Portals’ leaking a mysterious energy into our dimension.

The evolving story of Ingress pivots based on the actions of the players in the two Factions, the ‘Enlightened’ and the ‘Resistance’, who are engaged in a struggle for global control and the fate of humanity. Ingress is currently available on Android devices in the Google Play Store and on iPhone and iPad in the App Store. Ingress has already seen more than 10 million player activations around the world and is played across more than a 100 countries globally.

Niantic is also known due to its worldwide hit game Pokémon Go that it is developing with the Pokémon company an Nintendo.

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